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Waltham Pocket Watch Serial Numbers Lookup Identification Value & Database

My grandmothers gold pocket watch. In the s, a solid gold Waltham pocket watch was as hot an item as any brand new smartphone is in the modern era. Need help finding the serial number on your watch? The watch was given to her in and engraved with date on inner back. There is a engraving of a shield on the back of the case.

Waltham Pocket Watches

The dial has only two hands no seconds. Your email address will not be published. The American Waltham watch factory on the banks of the Charles River. To check it is a Waltham open the back cover and check for markings which should have A. In other cases you can open the back by pushing down on the crown of the watch and it will release the cover.

Often it can be a really simple fix. Beautiful Collectible Waltham pocket watch. Could you advise the best way to get a valuation on it?

Always be wary before parting with any money and I would never do this unless there is some type of proof of authentication. The Watch Codes are similar ones are used by many experienced watch collectors. Case is also in extremely good condition. Gold filled case and the dial is turned.

There are so many things that need to be checked and verified and unless you are an expert and have the watch in your hand then to give an evaluation is simply misleading. Click here to view additional historical photos of the Waltham factory. It's been my great pleasure to correspond with many of you.

Waltham Pocket Watch Serial Numbers

  1. One is silver and does not work and the other gold and does work.
  2. In January, the Waltham Improvement Co.
  3. Back when these were made Waltham would have made the movements only and the customer would than have got a jeweller to make a case to fit around the movement.

Case serial number The Online Database for the Elgin Watch Company can tell you a great deal of information about your watch, based on just the serial number off the movement. Antique American Waltham pocket watch. Personally I would only buy one here if there was some proof of authentication. If there are any discrepancies, verify the serial number.

Waltham Pocket Watch Serial Number Lookup

Brief History American Waltham Watch Company
How to Date Waltham Pocket Watches
  • The power supply on my webserver went out last night.
  • If you are lucky enough to do that then you can sneak under the radar and pick these up for a low price.
  • Some years ago I inherited my great grandmothers lady double hunter pocket watch and I am now trying to get some kind of Idea of its value before I sell it.
  • Age is very important and the more unusual the better and if it it still works then you can be fairly certain your watch is worth a considerable amount of money.
Including Waltham Watch Serial Numbers and Production Dates

Sadly I ama not an expert on Waltham watches. No there are no other markings on the out side of the watch, just the Waltham name on the watch face and the and the serial number star Dennison on the inside of back of the case. You should now be able to get a note of the serial number though you may need a magnifying glass to see this properly. The outer rim on the face looks to be a very light pink. Elgin Databases Main Page.

American Waltham Watch Company History Serial Numbers Production Dates

Waltham Pocket Watch

These two serial numbers are unrelated. Chris Ozdoba has also written up a good explanation of how to open a watch case. The main question I always get asked is what is the value of a pocket watch. Notify me of new posts by email. Amazon also do a selection of watches and there are a few other random sites that also sell these which you can find by doing a simple search around the Internet.

Hi Susan, dating roseburg or it is always a good idea to go to a watch repair and get an estimate to get a repair done. Customer Department at the Waltham Watch Company. Do not use the serial number from the watch case. Take a note of this number and match it in the table below.

For more information see the Watch Serial Number web page. So if you have the right one then you could certainly have a valuable timepiece. If the serial number is correct please let me know about the problem by emailing me. The first watches produced went to officials of the company, and it was not until that the first watches were offered for sale to the public.

Online Elgin Serial Number Database

That will ultimately determine the value of your watch if you are selling it. Be sure to use the serial number on the movement the works of the watch. Here you can usually avoid avid collectors who will always push the price up.

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Waltham Pocket Watches Value

Vintage American Waltham Watch Co. Shop the extensive inventory of vintage and antique jewelry including Waltham pocket watches! There is of course always eBay who sell a lot of these watches but you do need to exercise great care as I have seen quite a number of suspect Waltham watches on there.

Clearly it will have great sentimental value for you so worth finding out. Kent Singer has written up a good explanation of how to open a watch case. There is a lot of flexibility here. The watch winds and sets properly. Please be careful when opening the back cover.

Determine the Age of your Vintage Pocket Watch
How to Date a Waltham Watch

Instructions for using our serial number look-up tables

Please contact us if you have any questions about the repair of your vintage Waltham watch. This is not something you normally find with other watch manufacturers but you will with the Waltham make. The dial has a fine hairline crack in it. It is a closed case with the winder at the position so I guess it is a Hunter model. My recommendation is that before you would spend anything you should really understand what makes a pocket watch valuable and also to take advice from an expert.

You must give the letter prefix of the serial number, if there is one. Problems were encountered with the new production methods. Also the names that are marked on the movement have been abbreviated. At Renaissance Watch Repair, we are experts in the repair and restoration of antique watches made by the American Waltham Watch Company. Engraved gold plated case with case lid marked inside.

Goddard Gruen Hamilton Hampden E. Composition - Silverode by the Philadelphia watch case co. There is an example with explanations that goes over every part of the search results. Click here for an explanation and example of how to use our serial number tables.

It belonged to my great grandfather. The nostalgic simplicity of a simple, elegant Waltham pocket watch can seem pretty attractive in comparison to modern devices if you prefer your computers on your desk and not on your wrist. There are many collectors of these antique watches and as a general rule of thumb the rarer and older the watch is then the more value it will have. For a longer explanation, see my Newer Elgins webpage.

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