How can i hook up a car amp in my house, wiring a car audio amplifier and headunit up indoors using pc power supply

How to Properly Hook Up a Car Amplifier Inside the House 6 Steps

How to Properly Hook Up a Car Amplifier Inside the House 6 Steps

Then try playing a song with some bass and you should hear it coming out the sub. Don't be an idiot, turn your power supply unit off and disconnect it from the mains when you're working with the cables. First find the max wattage rating of your amp. If you've been lucky enough to get it working then post pics, links and whatever else to show your handy work off.

To ensure you are not getting more power to them, use nominal impedance rating and ohms law to determine how high should voltage on output be. Either way, as long as it sounds good and you can be sure nothing is overheating when your blasting your music you should be just fine. Or for using car audio in your home, then I would suggest using a watt solar panel mounted on your roof or outside a window in the sun close by where you will be listening.

Step 2 You Will Need

Now loosen the three power screws on your amp. My amplifier makes much more power than my speakers can handle, will that be problem? Check if your rating is a bit higher than your fuses on your amplifier. Once you have the paperclip in place, it thinks you've installed it in a computer and will turn on when you plug it in and flip the switch. Older power supplies tend to fail a lot and ebay sellers don't always list the max current ratings so if you want to be sure, get a cheap, dating speed brand new power supply from newegg.

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Anyway if you've got this far i assume everything went well and you are now enjoying the clear sounds from your new sound system. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. After that simple setup your amp will now turn on as soon as you plug the power supply in and switch it on.

Step 1 Forethought (update 17.3.15)

There is one more optional step. Maybe a three position toggle one, really not sure how to word it three pole? If you already have amplifier you can just skip this step. Attach the power wires to the power source. There is a lot of discussion about this so i'm not gonna go there, but main difference between them is power consumption.

Wiring a Car Audio Amplifier and Headunit Up Indoors Using PC Power Supply

Step 1 Choose Your Warrior

And a solar battery charge controller hooked up to a amp hour deep cycle battery. If you're running two subs from one amp, hook each up separately. This should be done while your speakers are hooked up and using few test tones.

  • Any help is good help and I'll share the project.
  • If you have issues, check your manufactures website.
  • Items you will need computer power supply subwoofer in box speaker wire paperclip wire stripper screwdriver electrical tape scissors.
  • If you're bridging two channels, make sure they're bridged the same way.

See the attached picture if you don't know what the adapter looks like. See the attached image for an example. Or if you have wire cutters, cut it into a shorter U shape. Use max current rating of your power supply to choose your wire gauge.

How to Properly Hook Up a Car Amplifier Inside the House

Brought to you by Techwalla. Fold out the paperclip so it's like one big arc like a narrow C shape. These have small potentiometer so you can adjust voltage a bit higher, usually from V. So you have your amp ready?

Video How To Power A 12 Volt Stereo With Household Current

Check voltage on power inputs of your amplifier, if it drops under V it may trigger undervoltage protection on your amplifier. Now comes the tricky part, since all setups are not equal, you might get less or more power than advertised. This means that by using same power supply next step you can get more power with class D amp. If your amp didn't come with a knob for that, it's a really crappy amp but there's still hope.

How to Power a Car Stereo in My House

Just for anyone who might be interested, here are my system specs. Make sure it's long enough to reach from your computer to your amp though. They contain capacitors that are charged up to mains voltage and can be deadly. If you still haven't got one and you are thinking about buying it there are few things to consider. What would be the best way to get audio from the three?

Video How To Power A 12 Volt Stereo With Household Current
Can You Hook an RV Up to Your Home s Electrical System

My power supply shuts off when raising gain, what could be the problem? Run speaker wire from your car stereo head unit to your speakers. Make sure that the power wires don't touch the terminal next to them on the amp or you'll create a massive short that can spark and start fires. Now that the higher number means it's less sensitive if the knob has numbering on the outside. If you will be using a car battery to power your stereo, attach a battery terminal to the end of each power wire.

It Still Runs

Solar charging is inaudible while you listen to music, but using a v battery charger, you will hear transformer hum in the audio. You may even be able to run the equaliser off of it too. Another power supply note, screw it they're all power supply notes. Ensure all power sources are disconnected before modifying or cutting any wires. If you wired everything correctly, you can turn on your amplifier now.

Diode should be high power, rated at least few amps more than your max charge current, high power bridge rectifier could also work since higher current ones can be screwed to heatsink. Another power supply note, if this is going to be permanent then I highly suggest you follow one of the numerous test bench power supply mods on this site. Strip a small segment of insulation from the end of a length of electrical wire, no registration dating wrap the exposed electrical wire around the exposed power lead and use electrical tape to secure the connection. So turn the amp's input sensitivity all the way to the least sensitive setting. This will be outdoor for my patio and does not need to be obsurd!

As a good rule of thumb you should get psu that can produce same or higher current than fuses can take usually A on W amp. Together you will have all the power you need to build a home triamped or biamped car audio system. Then from there, go to the car amp?

Secure the wire in place using either solder or electrical tape, then repeat this process for the other power wire. You can always turn down gain on amplifier. Some speakers can handle more power than rated without getting damaged, some may not. You can use simple switch to short them together. Then sit back and enjoy some nice, harry and hermione indoor bass.

Since your speaker has impedance which varies by frequency you are playing it at, its always best to play different tones to see if amplifier distorts. If this doesn't happen then something's gone wrong. This info is ready available online, what isn't right? Wrap electrical tape around the end of the red wire and do not strip it. Don't get open types since they can produce a lot of hydrogen while charging which is not good considering you are going to have them in your room.

How to Hook Up a Car Amp Inside the House to a Wall Outlet

Again make sure you do this at multiple frequencies to ensure output is completely clean. Now you see why its better to get class D for higher amounts of power, iowa that's W difference for W amplifier. Car batteries are usually made just to start car and not really for discharging them completely so if you would go that route you should use deep cycle battery. All you need to do is splice these cables or extend the cables to your speakers.

It Still Works

If you go under it, it may not be enough to blow fuses which could lead to damage of your wires, power supply or even burn them down. Did you make this project? If you are using a converter that offers its own wire connectors, insert the power wire into the proper positive or negative connector, then turn or screw the connector to hold the wire in place.

  1. See the next step for those details.
  2. Well no problem, it's really simple and surprisingly inexpensive.
  3. Let's say it's a Watt amp.

Get a small loop of wire and strip the ends, put one end in your remote on the amp and the other in the batt on your amp. Or if you can't find one then you could always connect a single speaker and use the balance and fade options on the unit to work it out for yourself. So doesn't drain more than half it's capacity. Simply do everything as described before, but when you raise volume up listen to change in sound.

Now strip the yellow wire and the black wire next to it so there's about a quarter inch of metal exposed. Strip a small segment of insulation from the end of a length of speaker wire, wrap the exposed speaker wire around the exposed speaker lead and use electrical tape to secure the connection. Then cover the end of the shorter black wire with electrical tape also. Basic math should answer that for you.

How to Power a Car Stereo in My House

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