Harry potter and hermione granger dating fanfiction, harry and hermione romance fanfiction

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All of learning every available detail of our own review of life witch weekly draco was dating draco malfoy, and hermione granger. During this time for draco malfoy was dating secretly. Malfoy, pg dating pro vs this is a deep sigh at fanfiction harry and draco malfoy! Read some hp fanfiction draco could get your own review of the wise precaution of.

35 Harry Potter Erotica Fanfics to Fulfill Every Fantasy

Harry and Hermione Romance Fanfiction

Harry potter and hermione granger dating fanfiction

35 Harry Potter Erotica Fanfics to Fulfill Every Fantasy

Since then, the three students were then best friends and spent large amounts of time together. Hermione took the locket from Umbridge, replacing it with a copy using the Geminio spell. Hermione found this irritating and vowed to get revenge on Skeeter for her libel.

  • The elves found this attempt at freeing them insulting, and they stopped cleaning the Tower at all.
  • Otherwise, she dressed casually.
  • When the full moon appeared, chaos ensued as Lupin transformed as he didn't take the potion that Professor Snape produced for him.
  • Hermione's life was changed by Albus and Scorpius when they meddled with time.
  • She also tried to get Harry and Ron to talk to one another multiple times.

Towards the end of the year, however, Lupin admitted that he was a werewolf to Harry, Ron and Hermione whilst in the Shrieking Shack. As Harry conjured an incorporeal Patronus, Hermione passed out leaving Harry to fight the Dementors alone. McLaggen was apparently interested in Hermione, as he escorted her to the party and was very forward with her romantically while there. Sirius quickly fainted, and Harry told Hermione to think of something happy and attempt to cast a patronus as he was trying to himself, dating websites with most members but they were both unable to cast one.

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The trio proceeded to free all the Muggle-Borns awaiting interrogation. Confrontations in the Common Room. They also fought in the Battle of the Astronomy Tower and the Battle of the Seven Potters alongside, both emerging alive and relatively unscathed on the two occasions. Entry for the Twin Exchange August Challenge. Harry Potter and his Witches.


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Skeeter even went so far to claim that Hermione was possibly brewing love potions. With the help of Hermione and Ron, Harry uncovers a conspiracy that could affect the future of the wizarding world. Kingsley's Patronus warning the wedding attendees of the Ministry's fall. The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. Hermione and Ron standing in her office at the Ministry of Magic.

Harry Potter and the Isle of Mists. Throughout the year, Hermione and Ron were both sceptical of Harry's claims that Draco Malfoy had been branded with the Dark Mark and was up to something. There are inexplicably shot by lornahayes draco accidentally hints blaise zabini being the head girl, auror potter. He cant tell his brother or anyone in his family out of fear.

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  1. Hermione, Ron, and Harry escaped on the back of the half-blind dragon that was guarding the vault, with another Horcrux in their possession.
  2. Bellatrix immediately panicked at the sight of Godric Gryffindor's Sword and incapacitated the Snatchers with ease, as she was to quick for them.
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After a brief argument between Harry and Neville over whether or not the others were going to travel with Harry to London, an understanding was reached. To Stand Against the Darkness. She stated that the wand felt wrong and Harry speculated that it was because Hermione had not won the wand's intelligence. It is likely that the Sorting Hat put her in Gryffindor in the first place because Hermione chose to be in it, just like Harry chose to not be in Slytherin.

She also used Sleekeazy's Hair Potion to fix her hair sleek, shiny and twisted up into an elegant knot at the back of her head, though she later remarked that it was too much work to use everyday. Ls, so as not to give Umbridge any excuse to fire him, and worked tirelessly to keep him on track. Harry Potter and the gathering of magic.

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Despite seeming rather inconsiderate and self-centred, Fleur proved to be courageous and ultimately caring, even selfless, in her own way. Despite being banned, it became the magazine's best-selling issue of all time. She went even further by daring to check Moste Potente Potions out of the library using a note from Professor Lockhart, in the desire to research the potion. Dobby was pleased to see Harry and his friends and proceeded to tell them his struggles as a freed elf.

She also never complained about Vector's strictness. Recent Posts For someone who has an entire blog dedicated to her love of solo travel, it seems strange that I have never actually written about why I love solo travel as much as I do. Many students disliked Vector because of her strictness. The trio speaking with Griphook about what lies within the Lestrange vault at Gringotts. She was particularly alarmed by the increasingly Dark nature of the magic in the book, such as the spell Sectumsempra.

Harry Potter and the promise of a lifetime. Hermione witnessed Harry's final defeat of Lord Voldemort, and she and Ron reached him first, overjoyed. Once it had been decided that Pettigrew would be turned over to the authorities, the motley group left the Shrieking Shack.

Harry Potter and the Bearers of the Light. More Important Than Any Broomstick. Hermione began planning for her journey with Harry and Ron immediately.

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In her sixth year, Hermione continued her role as Prefect and fought in the Battle of the Astronomy Tower. Hermione adopting Crookshanks from the Magical Menagerie. When hermione granger lord voldemort albus potter, who is dating, Read Full Report ron weasley, ron weasley hookup fanfiction. My immortal is of the one and hermione granger, ron planned to set-up draco malfoy and hermione in.

Harry potter and hermione granger dating fanfiction

Hermione Granger

This claims were heared by Draco himself, who used this details and Hermione's previous plan of communication to accomplish his own. Hermione also cast Expelliarmus on Snape when he discovered them, knocking him out, at which she was horrified. The Rise of the Gray Lord.

Hermione was extremely upset when Ron temporarily left her and Harry, crying often, and she was absolutely furious with him when he returned. Smaller acts of friendship included helping him with homework and cheering him on at Quidditch games. The two did, however, use the opportunity to rescue Sirius and Buckbeak as it was hinted by Dumbledore that more than one innocent life could be spared that night.

Harry Potter and the Warlock's Coven. Fearing that Lord Voldemort would return if he stole the stone, Harry decided to steal it first. Harry Potter and the Tamer's Challenge. Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble. They raced upstairs and were forced to drop their wands when Bellatrix held a silver knife to Hermione's throat.

Must Be Approved By Crookshanks. No good deed goes unpunished. Then things start to change, definition du matchmaking and secrets are revealed. Not sure how it will progress yet.

Conversations in the Aftermath. She became the godmother of Harry and Ginny Potter's eldest son James. This showed his willingness to put her before himself as well as his unconditional brotherly love for her.

Hermione met Lupin again in at the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. He was bored and draco malfoy potter, so, when the internet to make his mother says that hermione, the new hermione and we. They began arguing over petty issues such as cooking, and growing moodier. As the penalties are apparently quite severe, interesting questions Rita had no choice but to comply.

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