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He told me to grab my ankles and hold them back as far as I could. This was clearly the biggest cock I have ever seen, much less held, and certainly the blackest. He slid a finger in his sweet hole and started moving it around. Not to despair, some guys can really surprise you. He came inside and stripped immediately and jumped onto my bed, spread his legs wide and started playing with his ass in an erotic nasty way.

Grindr hookup story

One my way out I peeked in a booth in use. Paste as plain text instead. Everyone was making emergency arrangements.

It was stunning to see this huge cock head drooling pre-cum. These experiences will make for good stories, and there's no better way. He picked up the pace while I focused on controlling my throat muscles and keeping my lungs filled with air. My head was slamming against the headboard which knocking pictures off the wall.

Since no one else had replied I can try to think of some more. Here I go you fucking hot white-trash motherfucker. Nice bone once he got it up. He was a grower, not a shower. He had a nice, hot, tight and hungry pussy.

Grindr hookup story

17 Grindr Stories You ll Have To Read Between Your Fingers

Once we even tried to get together again, but it never seemed to work out. Filled my mouth and slapped my face pretty hard and left. He starts grinding up and down on my cock like a pornstar.

He would always wave hello and walk around in his really tight blue jean shorts. Michael started grunting and cursing again. With a lingering kiss he pulled away and staggered to the bathroom. This was the unit that served drinks. And then just like that he was gone, pulled out and walked away, tucking himself back in and strolled out of the bar.

Reddit grindr hookup stories

One time, on my way to a random hook-up on Grindr with a. Tinder, Grindr as platonic cuddling app for like Tinder and Grindr have some. Not a Grindr story specifically, but hopefully meets the criteria. Since how many of you liked my previous story I decided to share a hookup I had a while ago. Well unless you but kewaunee hookup dating app reddit guy has sex for the first.

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But while transmasculine folks are well served by. Of course the evening cocktail was a Hurricane. He started gyrating and moaning and cursing.

Russian dating free personals

Grindr hookup story

He was a dark bearded man with steely unreadable eyes. Then there was a tap at my door. We both moaned incoherently. He reached around and grabbed my tits with each hand and was twisting them. Each time he slammed back into my cunt he was making me more of a whore for his black cock.

My hole was warmed up and loaded and ready for any hard-on that looked my way. There was a black guy that lived on the lower level that I saw coming and going from time to time. He had this hot lusty look on his face. Display as a link instead.

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Let daddy know you like his nigger dick in your pussy. As soon as I hit bottom, he groaned in a hot masculine guttural way. He laughs, and then licks the spot with his tongue before pulling them down and shoving my cock in his mouth.

It worked, I got oxygen and calmed down and continued my descent. Both of his parents are at work, and he wants to fuck in their bed before he goes off to college. He shot load after load into me. Lapping at first then inserting his tongue as far as possible. He's blond, round and shaved head.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. There was a lot of real estate to cover. Michael told me to watch this.

Saturday the eye crossed us around p. The guy came in and said that there was just one thing, dating he was here with his lover and could his lover join in? My first message of the day. Michael and I made eye contact.

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  1. Michael was moaning and started to play with my hair.
  2. People were having fun, taking care of business and eating and drinking and feeling very neighborly.
  3. He was built like a brick shit house.

Reddit grindr hookup stories. One late Friday night, I saw a guy getting fucked in a second story corridor. His huge cock head was black and shiny with lube.

Grindr hookup story

He was rightfully proud of it and would stuff into a liquid pair of worn jeans. He shoved his cock back in and jack-hammered be into the bed. Michael slid two fingers into me.

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You never know and I have endured a lot of bullshit from men just to find out what their cocks feel like. He got rid of my shirt and started to unzip and push my jeans to my knees. Previous Article How to avoid online dating scams. Volley after volley landed somewhere across one of us. Both guys were in their mid twenties with a slim, muscular build.

17 Grindr Stories You ll Have To Read Between Your Fingers

My neighbor asked if I knew the guy. After that his dick was hard in no time. Grabbing his arm I pulled him into the dark of the back room.

Grindr hookup story
  • Anon Cum dump looking to get seeded.
  • Inch by inch I slide deeper inside him.
  • Nothing was happening so I pushed out.

He was making jabbing fucking motions with his tongue. Then, he twirls around like a fucking Disney princess. Saliva was drooling out everywhere.

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