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  • At the race, Henry's friend crashes his car, and as it goes up in flames, Mary runs to make sure it isn't Henry.
  • Ryder, in London to see if he can fix Anna's inability to remain pregnant.
  • When they get back, everyone says that Anna should sit down, but she goes upstairs to put the hairdryer away.

Bates seems confused, but Henry quickly and excitedly explains the situation, and Bates rushes upstairs. When Anna had tidied up, Mr Bates catches her sneaking out. Mrs Hughes tells Lady Mary about the ticket, and insists they say nothing for both John's and Anna's sake. She assures Bates that he can pay, but tells Tom Branson that she won't send him the bill. Slowly, their relationship begins to mend.

Green later reveals, at the servant's table downstairs, and with Bates present, that he Green went downstairs to seek some quiet to excape Nellie Melba's singing opera. Bates is arrested, so she has rights as his wife. After Vera's plan to sell the story to Sir Richard Carlisle backfires on her, she tries to get the divorce overturned by telling the judge that Mr. Then Anna goes up to Mary. Bates comes in to get some luggage and Mary insists the suitcases are too heavy for Anna, and Bates gets suspicious again.

Anna insists that it won't work, but after Mary explains that she's earned it and really wants to help, Anna agrees. Henry Talbot, and Anna says she's unsure that he's a good fit for Mary, seeing as he's a race car driver and isn't really Mary's class. Mrs Hughes quickly realises what has happened because of Anna's torn dress and cuts and bruises. After Thomas attempts suicide, Anna is one of the group that saves his life.

When he first arrives, Anna was kind to Bates while others doubted his ability to be a valet with an injured leg. She asks what she'll tell Bates because she doesn't want him to worry or be too hopeful, so Mary tells her to tell him it's her Mary who's ill. Henry Talbot races downstairs, calling for Bates. Mary asks what Anna thinks of Mr. Anna says she should just talk to Dr.

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  1. Green, so it might get them off the hook, but nothing is certain yet.
  2. She is also the wife of John Bates.
  3. Bates returned her feelings, though he felt uneasy about entering a relationship with her, as he held his own secrets.
  4. Anna does not suspect John might have in fact murdered Green.
  5. Anna later asks her husband if he would risk the life they have put together.
  6. Anna is considered perhaps the prettiest of the female servants.

Downton Abbey favourites Anna and John Bates welcomed a baby boy in tonight's finale. Anna, who has been working all day, still volunteers to help Daisy, and gives her a cute haircut. Bates, or discussions they overheard.

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Anna, the lawyers, Robert and the rest of the Crawley family are still planning to appeal the verdict and to get Bates out of prison. Bates mentions that he's going to go talk to some estate agents and start planning again. Anna is partially released and Molseley and Baxter wander around York and find enough evidence to clear Mr Bates's name and he and Anna are happily united. So one night, Anna defended herself with a knife and cut him. Mary overhears some conversation about Edith and Marigold, and questions Anna as to whether she's heard any talk downstairs.

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Later, relationships and dating articles when Bates and Anna celebrate Mrs. Background Edit Anna grew up with her mother and sister. The couple struggled to conceive last series after she tragically suffered a series of miscarriages. Bates has been working in a pub nearby.

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He sends Miss Baxter to follow her and make sure she's okay. When he returns to Downton as Lord Grantham's valet again by request, she was delighted. She then went on to give birth to her healthy baby boy in Lady Mary's bedroom - luckily, she didn't seem to mind and even offered the maid one of her nightgowns. She has blond hair, fair skin, and midnight blue eyes. She and Anna discuss the whole situation.

8 Olympic Ice Skating Pairs Who Are Couples in Real Life

Mary says that she wants to take Anna to her gynecologist, Dr. Anna replies that she's fine, just got something in her eye. He admits he is married but does not love his wife.

She bursts into tears and finally reveals that she thought she was pregnant, but has had a miscarriage, and it has happened twice before. Anna insists on marrying immediately in case Mr. Mrs Hughes tells Anna there was nothing of importance in John's old coat when she asks.

The jury finds him guilty and sentences him to be hanged, though later on his sentence is commuted to life imprisonment. He then suddenly tells her he thinks she wants more excitement in her life and tells her he refuses to believe that she could be happy with a cripple like Mr Bates. She calls herself racy when her husband says so, then asks her what she is up to. Mr Green then returns to the party, dating leaving Anna downstairs pretending as though nothing had happened. She visits him and he tells her that that he can now prove that Vera Bates has not been faithful to him.

But after finally falling pregnant, show creator Julian Fellowes decided to give the married couple the happy ending they deserved this evening. Mr Green then appears and bids goodnight to them both, with Anna reluctantly replying to him. Mary agrees to go to London. Anna then is confronted by John, who reaffirms that he loves her more than ever now, and that she is not soiled in his eyes, but holier.

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John then becomes suspicious of Edna. Later, Anna is talking to Andy when she suddenly looks like she's in pain. Shortly after, Vera is found dead and Mr. Despite Anna's protests, Mary eventually tells her she is going to ask Lord Gillingham to dismiss his valet without telling why. Mary is at first uneasy about this.

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However, matchmaking services dallas Vera is infuriated that he has returned to Anna and tells them that she plans to sell the story anyway. John and Anna later go to the seaside with the other servants. They leave Cora's room embarrassed. Tom offers to drive them to York. Anna says that Bates is looking forward to it.

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She mentions being frightened every time her husband and Green are in the same room. He assures her he would not. Bates, and he is arrested for the murder of Vera Bates. Mary accidentally snaps at Anna when she asks whether Mary is sure that Henry is not right for her, but quickly apologizes.

Mary says that she'll call the doctor, Dr. As Dame Nellie Melba sang later that night, Anna left the party and returned to the servants quarters to take something for her headache. The prosecution calls Mrs. They ring in the new year together.

Physical Appearance Edit Anna is considered perhaps the prettiest of the female servants. The couple had been struggling to conceive after she suffered a series of tragic miscarriages. Anna has a special relationship with John Bates.

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Ryder, and they'll go to London right that second. Then Mr Bates, in an attempt to get his wife bailed out, confesses to the murder of Mr Green and decamps to Ireland leaving letters for both Mr Carson and Lord Grantham. Anna points out that it's night so they just missed the last train, but Mary says they'll drive to York and see if there's a late one there. Eventually, Anna tells Mary who was responsible, but she swears her to secrecy because she fears her husband will find out it was Green, and then do something terrible. Ryder, and that he will absolutely pay instead of letting Lady Mary pay.

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They deeply respect and hold a strong regard for her in return. Bates is a suspect because of his motives. Hughes points out that she hardly has a choice, as she carries towels upstairs.

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